How elder adults should choose a recumbent exercise bike?

How elder adults should choose a recumbent exercise bike?

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How elder adults should choose a recumbent exercise bike? – As the year passed by, the models of recumbent bike and trikes had been expanded into over 200 models. These vehicles come with a wide variety of styles, weight, comfort levels and its costs. Each of us has the right model that fits us perfectly. The only question here is which one is the right one for you? This article comes with additional information regarding on how elder adults should choose a recumbent exercise bike which is very helpful. Here are some things that you need to consider.

How elder adults should choose a recumbent exercise bike?

How elder adults should choose a recumbent exercise bike?

–    Your budget

–    Your height/weight

–    Your riding style

–    level of fitness


When it comes to price, the recumbent exercise bike is more expensive than the upright exercise bike because it offers lots of advantages than the other one. Aside from that, the mass produced of this product at the “WalMart” is not yet higher. It also contains an office-like chair that provide comfort to the rider. The lowest price of a recumbent bike is about $500. This type of bike with this kind of price is very serviceable and easy to ride, but this sort of exercise bike is a bit heavy. A recumbent exercise bike that costs $1000 is the best kind of recumbent bikes, and it is the best if you ride it once a week or more. If you are a casual rider, you should be looking for an affordable recumbent bike. High-end recumbent bikes and trikes cost $7000. Purchasing expensive recumbent bikes is comes with more offers and it depends on the manufacturer.

Height of the Rider

All of the recumbent bikes are specially designed for rider’s height. If you aren’t tall enough then you should look for a recumbent bike that comes with lower seat height, a bike that comes with a smaller front wheel is easy to ride and paddle. If you are taller, then you can ride any types of recumbent bike. If you are overweight, or you have circulatory issues on your legs, then you need to choose for a long wheelbase recumbent bike recumbent that also comes with the lower bottom bracket. If you are not involved with these issues, and you are looking for a sportier bike, then a short wheelbase is good for you. A person with circulatory issues in their arms needs under seat steering for more comfort. And for people who does not involve with those issues is perfect for above seat steering since it is more aerodynamic.

Your Riding style

Unlike the other indoor spin exercise bike, some recumbent bikes are designed with comfort in mind and others are designed with performance in mind. A bike with higher performance is not normally less comfortable, but most of it are expensive. A recumbent bike that costs $1000 is a good price for a spinner with good performance. Low racer or quasi-low racer is a good choice for a rider that doesn’t like to ride area with excessive traffic. Highracer is good for the rider that wants to ride on a heavy traffic street or up in a mountain.

This type of bikes is a better choice due to its more comfortable position and higher efficiency drivetrain. A bike with higher bottom bracket and the more reclined seat is a more aerodynamic bike which means that it can go faster the way you want. The drawback for an exercise bike with higher bottom bracket is the laid back seat needs a higher skill level to ride. A type of recumbent bike with lower BB and upright seats like compact long wheelbase or long wheelbase are easy to ride bikes. Novice riders can jump on and ride easily.

Fitness level

The fitness level is the most important thing when it comes this kind of stuff. If you are a casual rider, and you’re just tooling around once in a while, I highly recommend you to have a recumbent bike that costs $1000 below. Bikes that costs below $1000 are specially made for comfort and enhancing your speed. If you ride a bike once a week or more but looking for higher performance spinner, I highly suggest you have a recumbent bike that costs around $2000.

When choosing the bike that will meet your needs and will suit your physical capabilites is important. To gain more helpful ideas, check out for the best recumbent exercise bike reviews on the spin bike sites. Choose the bike that you think you are comfortable and train efficiently. If you are an older biker, following the guide I have given is a wise thing to do. Trust me, and i’m you will thank me later.