Men’s Health – Do you know your health risks

Men’s Health – Do you know your health risks

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Men’s Health – Do you know your health risks – According to Porche men go to doctor less often as compare to women. Actually men usually judge their health in a way that if they are able to meet their commitments they are fine however women are healthier than men and on average live a longer life. Out of 15 of the leading causes of death men tops the list for all except Alzheimer’s disease. Experts have identifies some of the potential dangers to men’s health which are among leading causes of deaths in men.

Men’s Health – Do you know your health risks

Men’s Health – Do you know your health risks

Cardiovascular Disease

This can be a serious threat to men’s health. Heart disease and strokes are among the leading reasons for death in both men and women and hold first and second position still men are prone to get these problems more than women and is must take extra bit of care to avoid it like.

  • Getting their cholesterol checked regularly
  • Take measure to control BP and cholesterol
  • Stop smoke if you are addicted to
  • Increase physical activity and increase the use of fruit and veggies in your diet

Lung Cancer

Lung cancer another leading cause of death among males is most aggressive and terrible form of disease caused 90% of the time due to smoking and because mostly men indulge in smoking it is destroying men’s health continuously. It is difficult to diagnose lung cancer in its early stages as it does not even becomes clear in an X-ray  in its early stages.

Suicides and depression

Studies showed women are more sensitive and get depression early as compared to men and often try committing suicides but they seldom succeed, the suicidal rate in men is higher compared to women and is eighth leading cause. Depression among men is very common and causing threats to men’s health. Healthy lifestyle can help coping with stress.

Erectile Dysfunction

Though is not life threatening but still is cause of major concern among men and mostly affect men’s health when they reach 40 studies show that nearly 40% of the males above 40 years of age have this problem which becomes the cause of depression